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"Fixed Look" Designs:
Our decorative biblical designs below are available in frameable canvas artwork, and in baptistery scenes. Please note: The proportions of these designs is approximately 2 x 3 either tall or wide depending on the design. They can NOT be altered too much from its current proportions like the adjustable designs.  Click any pic below for a larger view

Tall designs

Adoration painted artwork"Adoration"

Ascension religious mural "Ascension 1"

Ascension painted artwork"Ascension 2"

Jesus Baptism mural "Baptism of Jesus"

Christ in the storm religious mural"Christ in Storm 1"

Come unto me religious mural"Come Unto Me" 

crucifixion baptistery mural"Crucifixion 1"

crucifixion framed art"Crucifixion 2"

crucifixion baptistery mural"Crucifixion 3"

crucifixion religious artwork"Crucifixion 4"

gentile woman religious mural"Gentile Woman"

gethsemane Jesus in the garden mural"Gethsemane"

healing the blind religious mural"Healing the Blind"

"Healing the Sick"

"Home to Nazareth"

"Jesus and Children"

"Jesus Cleansing the Temple"

"Jesus Healing 1"

"Jesus Healing 2"

"Jesus Healing the Blind"

"Jesus in the Temple"

"Mary and Martha"

"Jesus Resurrects"

"Jesus Returns"

"Madonna & Child"


"Resurrection 1"

"Resurrection 2"

"Resurrection 3"

"Beatitudes Sermon"

"Saint Matthew"

"Saint Peter"

"Supper at Emmaus"


"Tribute Money"

"Virgin with Angels"

"Walking on Water"

Ascension stained glass"Ascension"

"Announcement of Christ"



"Good Shepherd"

"He is Risen"

"Jesus and the Children"

"Jesus and Praying Man"

"Jesus as a Boy"

"Jesus Knocking"


"Sermon on the Mount"

"Sowing Seeds"

"Woman at the Well"


Wide Designs

"Christ and Young Ruler"

"Christ in the Storm 2"

"Christ in the Wilderness"

"Christ on Water"

"Christ's charge to Peter"

"Entry into Jerusalem"

"Flight Into Egypt"

"Jesus & the Women"

"Jesus Teaching"

"Jesus the Carpenter"

"Last Supper"


"Resurrecting the Daughter"

"Sermon on the Mount"

"Tempting Jesus"

"Woman with an Issue"

"Word of God"








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