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How to order:
Religious Images for your church. Click corresponding question for answer

1. Deciding on whether you want a mural or backlit scene
2. Measuring for your scene
3. Deciding on a design for your church
4. Customization of design (if needed)
5. Email approval
6. Installing your image

 1. Backlit vs Mural scenes: All designs are available in both products, the difference is price and application. Backlit scenes are meant to be placed in a backlit shadow box that you construct so it can be lit up from behind. Backlit scenes are mounted to lexan and shipped to you via freight carrier

Murals are produced on either canvas or banner materials and are for the budget minded churches that want a beautiful scene, but are looking to save a little money. They go directly on your wall and generally attached with either staple gun or heavy duty wallpaper paste. They are shipped in a roll via UPS



2. When measuring your scene be sure to pick a size large enough to be seen from anywhere in the room. In the instances of scenes being against the back wall from a baptistery opening, be sure when ordering your image that you mention not only the size you want, but your baptistery opening size too, that way we can adjust your design to place the design emphasis on that particular opening size.

3. This is the fun part, you get to choose your design from the wide variety of designs on our design pages, keep in mind that certain designs can be modified to wide or tall proportions, while others (seen in the FIXED LOOK DESIGNS section) can only be made up to the proportions seen. There is enough variety to our designs to ensure that you will find a design you love. 

We are always adding more designs too, keep checking back. We also do custom designs, sometimes featuring your own artwork or church logo. The possibilities are endless. CONTACT US for more information.



4. Customization of your image is welcomed at Religious Image. Have an odd size or shape, let us know and we will be glad to help

Or, add your own artwork or church logo to one of our designs

*Customization is done on a case by case basis and is subject to additional artist fees 

 5. Now that you have decided upon everything for your image and have made a minimum down payment, its time to proceed with the making of your image. The last step before we produce you image is a simple approval of a mock up image that we send you in your email. This ensures that you get the design you want in the exact way you want it. Customer happiness is our number one priority and this extra step goes a long way to ensure that



6. Installation of your image. This is a simple process, and is show in step by step detail on THIS PAGE with PDF files that you can print and use as reference when you install your image. Installation of both types of image is a very simple process.








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